Welcome to Miatas At Sevenum , the first multi-day international MX-5 event in the Netherlands.
Together we will havea big MX-5 party here. And with a little bit of luck, we can do this again, next year . Below you will find some activities with we organize for our geusts


On Saturday we have 3 different tours in the region, that can be used with the help of a spherical arrow system. Some of them also cross the border to Germany. Calculate 1.5 to 2 hours driving time. Longer when you take a coffee break or get lost somewhere.


It is allowed to buy and sell new or used parts, and other MX-5-related goods with the "trunk trade".

Whoever wants to compete for the title "Dutches-lowest-MX-5", can try-out on Friday and Saterday evening. Pre-registration is not required

Rules for the Carlimbo:
- Duoposto! Up to 2 inmates! No extra jubilant / waving people on / off / in the car! So take care of an obese observer
- B.O.B. No alcohol in traffic!
- Low and Slow! Maximum running speed (10km / h)
- Use your rubber in bed! Burnouts not allowed
- Hands off! Each participant must under his own power under the Limbo Ball. -    Pulling / pushing / throwing the car is not allowed
- Remember your antenna in front of the limbo bar!
- The last (lowest) participant wins when he/she passes under the bar!

Show & Shine / Concours ‘d’ Elegance:
When registering you will receive a form where you can indicate which one you like best in 4 categories (NA, NB, NC and ND) you do this by filling in the participant number on the form, the form must be sent by 15:00 at the latest. hour will be returned at the information stand. So your own car also competes for the prizes.

Restyle specialist:
We have found a steel-Polish magician who can rub a small parking dent from your bodypanels on Saturday. Check out the stand at the deck.
Again, additional costs will be added.

Colorcrayonbox photo:
On Sunday morning we setup the cars, in order of color for a photo moment. Make sure your hair is comfortable and that the car looks sharp.

We wish all our guests a great weekend, great weather, bold celebrations, cool shows and many new Mazda friends!