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How did this great event come about:
Miatas At Sevenum is not an event that "just" was conceived. It is an idea that has been bubbling with several friends and acquaintances in the MX-5 community for years. For years we met at different domestic and foreign events and we said to each other "such a big MX-5 event should also be possible in the Netherlands."
For a long time it has remained with words, but then it became clear that the German event "Treffen Im Pott" could not take place in 2017. Especially due to the fact that the event grounds would be redesigned, so that there would be no room for large-scale car events. During a round at the bar we jokingly called "Then we do it with us!"
And so it happened that Miatas at Sevenum was first organized in 2017 as an experiment. It turned out to be a great success. A large MX-5 meeting modeled after the "Spring Rallye" of the English Club and the "Treffen im Pott" in Germany. It is reminiscent of the MX-5 party that Mazda Netherlands organized at the RDW site at the 20th anniversary of the MX-5.
In 2018 the second edition followed with even more MX-5 enthusiasts and their cars. Which meant that 2018 greatly exceeded the first edition. The success was so great that many people are currently looking forward to the next edition, MAS 2019 !!
MAS 2019 promises to be even bigger, better and more beautiful than the previous editions. And with the 30 year MX-5 jubilee we are going to make it a fantastic weekend!