Frequently Asked Questions

Miata Team Holland is a group of friends who have taken it upon themselves to create a yearly event for all MX-5 lovers.

The association Miata Team Holland is registered in the Chamber of Commerce under number 68007159

Miata's At Sevenum is a motoring event accesible to all owners of a Mazda MX-5, Miata or Eunos. There is no need to be a member of a club.

Riding school 'D'n Umswing' is an event site that hosts a fair amount of (large) event each year.

In 2019 this will be 16-18 August.

Event Site D'n Umswing, Schorfvenweg 1, 5976 PJ, Kronenberg, The Netherlands.

Coordinaten : 51* 24'28.9" North 5*58'12.2" East

Access route

The entry fee is € 30,= (Pre registration : € 25,=) for one MX-5 and 2 persons. For this you get free entrance to the event site for three days and two nights at the campsite.

Unfortunately, we have decided to ask a relatively low entrance fee that gives you the full three days access at once.

For the full program, see the site here